Guam Marriage Traditions

In pre and post-war Guam, young men and women were forbidden to meet in public, also to get a brief conference. They would create letters or perhaps meet relationship with vietnamese woman secretly for a few occasions. In public places, they may only glance at each other or perhaps look aside. If a few broke this tradition, they would always be disowned.

The Chamorro culture ideals the elders and respects them. Before a marriage, a young person will go to the girl’s house and request permission to marry her. He will be required to serve her family for 6 months to a 365 days. Although the Spanish and American colonization caused a change in the traditional family members structure, a number of the traditions persevere. Women for example play an essential role in religious your life. In many beliefs, females lead praying, mainly novenas.

In addition to traditional rituals, Guam has certain laws concerning marriages. Officiants and weddings need to adhere to these kinds of laws. It is important to get a minister who will be familiar with these kinds of laws and practices. Wedding license must be picked up at least five days before the wedding so that it is valid for the entire life long the wedding. However , if the bride and groom are willing to pay an added payment, this requirement is waived.

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Regardless of the legal and cultural laws and regulations that govern this island then, Guam’s traditional marriage techniques are specific. In many respects, these kinds of traditions represent Chamorro traditions and values. It might be worth talking about that the majority of Chamorros will be Roman Catholic, and are for this reason spiritual.

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